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Promote Development Diplomacy, Peace, Progress & Prosperity (PPP) through E-Diplomacy in a modern world where Diplomacy meetsTechnology for the benefit of humanity




IDC Mission

Provide a modern forum for diplomats to exchange views and ideas in both official and private capacity on matters of mutual interests to the international community and the entire world for the benefit of humanity;

Provide advice to assist serving diplomats in today's turbulent and dynamic world to facilitate performance of their duties with efficiency and efficacy;                
Serve diplomats who serve the world and reward them

IDC Programmes:

Give prominence to Presentation of Letters of Credence by Ambassadors - Designate to their host Presidents and Heads of State
Diplomatic Missions are advised to forward video coverage and pictures of the presentation ceremony to info@internationaldiplomaticcircle.org
Or to IDC WhatsApp Conversation Group
Coverage of National & Independence Day Celebrations
Diplomatic Missions are similarly encouraged to forward their contributions to IDC accordingly:
Or to IDC WhatsApp Conversation Group
Interviews with Presidents and World Leaders Who Promote & Embrace Peace;
First-hand interviews with Foreign Ministers, Ambassadors, and Consuls-General;                
Publication of World Directory of Ambassadors and Diplomat.

Special Services:

Provide information to assist serving diplomats to look for suitable and appropriate staff, accommodation, travel, and transportation in their countries of accreditation with reasonable fees and appropriate diplomatic discounts,

Provide information to assist in organizing national day celebrations, arrival/farewell and other diplomatic receptions,            

Provide information to assist in compiling country profiles in the appropriate format,
Encourage reputable organizations to have access to IDC members, with information on their products and services with diplomatic discounts,

Introduce to members new trends in fashion such as dresses, perfumes, cars and modernist houses with diplomatic taste,

Share other media of interactions such as diplomatic local and regional fora to achieve the stated objectives,
Provision of search engine for fellow diplomats, colleagues, and friends who served together in missions and countries throughout the world (diplomats without borders)
Co-operation with international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, Commonwealth of Nations and other Regional  Organizations in realization of the stated goals and objectives.

Social Services:

IDC Social Services

Information about Job Vacancies at International Organisations and Diplomatic Missions

Provision of advice by experts on financial prudence, investment, credit card and mortgage,

Advise on resettlement of diplomats and continuation of decent life after retirement in their home countries, former countries of their accreditation, or other countries of their choice,

Advise on facilities to grant medical services to retired diplomats

Advise on facilities for insurance services and coverage

Advise on provision of legal assistance to retired diplomat if and when necessary,

Advise on how to assist retired, aged, disabled, injured, and persecuted diplomats exposed to untold hardships (such as persecution, imprisonment, kidnapping, exile, banishment, torture, high jacking, humiliation, insult, and assault and other risks in the cause of diplomatic service.

General advice on happy, decent and fulfilled life of a diplomat.

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Services Overview

IDC is a vehicle for promoting Development     Diplomacy, Peace, Progress & Prosperity,     PPP through E-Diplomacy in a modern world    for the benefit of humanity.

 Presentation of Letters of Credence,     Independence Day & Diplomatic
    Landmark Celebrations

 Job Opportunity for Diplomats.

 Diplomatic Tourism, Holiday & Cruises.

We serve Diplomats who serve the world
   and reward them

World Directory of Modern Ambassadors
   & Diplomats

See the world through Diplomatic Lens
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